Level Renner 10k: Elite Interviews

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The coverage for the Level Renner 10k is a still a work in progress, but as we work on analyzing the numbers, etc, we have some interviews to hold you over. First up is women’s champ Hilary Dionne. Ace field reporter Mike Giberti was able to get a few minutes with the Craft Concept Racing elite runner after she ran a 36:37 and led her team to victory:

Next up is overall champ Neal Darmody, also interviewed by the one and only Mr. Giberti. Darmody ran a 31:31 for the win, which was a relatively close one over runner up Dan Vassallo. Believe it or not, Neal’s 19 second margin of victory is the tightest contest we’ve seen (from the men’s field) in the short history of this now classic event.

And finally we got a bonus interview with elite masters runner Michael Stadolnik, who had the good fortune of running into EJN on his way down the hill after the race. Michael was second masters runner in 36:02, but  there’s no shame in being runner up to Greg Putnam (34:40) here as he’s been dominant (more on that in an upcoming post).

While waiting for more, be sure to check out:

Full results

Scott Mason Photo’s gallery

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