Who’s The Boss?

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Those who have ever raced Loon are quite familiar with the Upper Waling Boss segment of the course. That particular kilometer or so of the course treats runners with some brutal uphill climbing, some segments reaching a 40-45% grade. And that falls at the end of the race. In past years, the race had climbed the boss, then ended with a storming downhill and quick up to the top of the Loon gondola. This year, they wanted to make the course as much uphill as possible for the USA Championships, so our friends at acidotic Racing had the course end at the top of Upper Walking Boss. The Salomon Running Company concurred and even offered a $100 cash prize to the quickest man and woman up the Boss. Joe Gray and Addie Bracy were your overall winners for 2016 - but were they the most efficient Walking Boss climbers? Have a look at some splits courtesy of Millennium Running.

Top 20 Men:

Top 20 Women:

Joe Gray clinched the boss title on the men’s side as well, though despite placing 7th, Eric Blake was only four seconds slower than Gray up the Boss. Kim Dobson placed 5th for the women, but traversed the Walking Boss far and beyond quicker than any female in the race.

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