About Level Renner

Level Renner is an underground magazine  intended for hardworking, hardcore runners.  If you’re a nonrunner or worse yet a contributor to the wussification of America, please hit the back button on the upper left side of the screen and don’t ever come back….ever.

For those of you who match our prerequisites, welcome to the underground.  Here’s the deal: Level Renner is a journal of (new england) running for the olde school literary athlete.  Why olde school?  Because olde school has taken on the connotation of commitment, perseverence, and sedulity.  Why literary?  Because fast runners have quick wit; we’re wicked smaht.  We pick up on sarcasm and can interpret irony.  And why is it Level Renner and not Runner?  Well, we’re not giving up that one just yet.  You’ll have to dig a little deeper into the underground to find the answer to that.

The Level Renner Skinny

  • always free
  • 7 issues per year: Jan/Feb, Mar/Apr, May/Jun, Jul/Aug, Sept, Oct, Nov/Dec
  • serious club runner content in each issue
    • elite (regional) athlete profiles
    • performance and nutrition columns
    • commentaries on all things running
    • race reports
    • running themed art house stuff (original lit, photography, artwork)
    • bits (surveys, music, rants)
    • retro rat (reissues of classic articles from the legendary Hockomock Swamp Rat)


The Level is graced with the presence of some of the regions best runners and writers.  Joe Navas, Ray Charbonneau, Lesley Hocking, Muddy Puddin, EJN, Kevin Gray, Kathy Gorman.  All these people are writers/columnists/regular contributors to Level Renner, and we’re lucky to have ‘em and you’re lucky to read ‘em.

About Our Authors

Kevin Balance is the editor and publisher of this magazine.  He founded Level Renner in the summer of 2011 in a vain attempt to replace the void left by the legendary Hockomock Swamp Rat.  He is inspired by hard work and efforts that push man beyond his natural limits.  He thinks such stuff should not go unnoticed, namely because he is trying to prevent the wussification of America.  Balance is still chasing PR’s and you can see how he’s doing at kevinbalance.blogspot.com.  He’s also on twitter @kevbalance.  And, of course, there’s email: [email protected]


Ray Charbonneau lives in Arlington, MA with his wife and their two cats.  You can often find Ray and Ruth out on the streets running, but Felix and Phoebe stay inside.  Ray is the author of the books Chasing the Runner’s High and R is for Running.  His articles have appeared in Ultrarunning, Marathon & Beyond, Cool Running, and many other publications. Find out more at y42k.com.


EJN is the web director and second in command of this fine publication/website. Some of his primary duties are finding, writing, editing, and publishing much of what you see on this site. Every run, workout, and race has its own story, and EJN loves helping his fellow runners tell that story. On the roads, EJN has his sights set on lowering his PR’s and helping his team contend for the NE Grand Prix title. He looks forward to sharing his insights with The Level Legion along the way, whether it’s through a blog post or his regular column in the magazine. You can reach him at [email protected] and also find him on twitter @EJN_OnTheLevel.

Lesley Hocking is a full-time English teacher and a lifetime runner.  She has set numerous school records at both the high school and collegiate level, the latter at UNH.  Her love of the sport has led her to the marathon, where she has proudly accomplished a 2:48:04 PR.  She and her husband are USATF certified coaches through their website, NERunningServices.com.  They live in New Hampshire with their pet gecko, Helen.

Muddy Puddin’ didn’t find running; it found him.  Although a relative latecomer to the lifestyle (2003), Muddy flirted with the sport in a desperate attempt to tire out his dog Angus.  Although his canine companion has moved on, Muddy’s passion and enthusiasm for running has not.  Look for him on roads, tracks, trails, fields, parking lots, hillsides, beaches, hallways, treadmills, etc.  If you can run it at any pace and under any conditions, you’ll probably find Muddy, sweating away but happy and smiling, continually trying to keep it on The Level.




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