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Fullerton Sets New Mark at Feaster 5

The arctic cold didn’t slow down Pat Fullerton at the Feaster Five today. Maybe Pat thrives in the cold, maybe he was motivated by the bonus we waived in front of him before the start. Maybe it was as simple as resting up the night before this year. Whatever it was, it worked well for him. Pat cruised along into the wind to a solo 15:10. That was 30 seconds faster than the old course record of 15:40, which was set by Harry Norton back in 2007.

Back to that bonus… we offered to buy Pat his next meal at McDonald’s if he won. Fulla then went on to break the course record. Coincidence? Don’t think so. The big question now is what will the winner eat?

Alanna McDonough is fresh off an appearance at the NCAA DIII cross country national championships, but she still had enough left in the tank to win her first Feaster Five race. The Colby College sophomore finished an impressive 44th place at nationals in Indiana. Today she finished 30th overall in her 19:16 winning effort.

In the five mile race, we were treated to another epic finish by Ruben Sança and Nate Jenkins. What was perhaps most impressive about it was the fact that Nate had just set the course record in the 5k but then there he was, just behind Ruben for 2nd in the 5 miler.

Okay, he didn’t really set the course record in the 5k, but that was the announcement that was made as Fullerton broke the tape earlier. That’s why you can probably hear me shouting “it’s Pat Fullerton!” on the video. Did they hear me? No, but people were shouting about other things and I didn’t want to feel left out.

Anyway, back to the Sança/Jenkins showdown. Jenkins took it out and was hoping “to break the string”, but even coming off of an injury Ruben is one tough customer. As Nate heard people shouting ‘come on you guys!‘, he resigned himself to the fact that Ruben would not go quietly. The advantage shifted to the young Olympian when they were still close as the race entered the final mile. According to Nate, Ruben ran about a 4:35 to close it out. Ruben broke the tape in 24:19 and Nate was right behind him in 24:23. For Nate it was his second best time ever on the course that he typically seems to own.

Kirsten Kasper, 22, was the top woman in the five miler. She ran a 27:48 and beat out Cat Beck of the Central Park Track Club (who ran a 28:18). Although the name was unfamiliar to me before today, luckily Mike Quintal had the inside scoop:


If you followed the link on her name above, you can see just how impressive her resume is. Maybe next time we’ll be able to keep up with her and get an interview.

Lastly, a special holiday shout out to the latest power couple in the region: Matt Lacey and Cat Beck, both of the CPTC. They just recently got engaged and are up in the area to celebrate with family today. Cat was second in the five miler (28:18), as we mentioned earlier, and her new fiancé Matt came in 5th in that same race (26:56).

Another Weekend Wrap Up

The Pros: The US Marathon Championships were held at the Twin Cities Marathon and Tim Ritchie ran the race that we’ve been expecting. That’s not meant to downplay it at all since running a 2:14 in your second attempt at the distance is absolutely spectacular. Summing it up best, Matt Pelletier said, “I think we all knew it was coming.” Indeed, Matt, indeed. What Tim has shown in race results at other distances over the last year or so has not-so-subtley hinted at something like this. The end result was another top ten finish for the BAA stud (6th, to be exact). The men’s race was won by Nick Arciniaga (2:13:11) and the women’s race by Annie Bersagel (2:30:53).

Tim now sits at 5th place overall in the season standings with only one event left (the .US Road Racing National Championship). Over the course of the season, Tim has earned nearly $11,000. That seems like a petty sum for someone who has five top ten finishes in championship races. Just think of how much money the Braves are paying Dan Uggla right now to sit at home during the playoffs. Runners really are underpaid.

The Kids: College kids, that is. A big race this past weekend for the kids was the Paul Short Invitational (hosted by Lehigh University in Bethlehem, PA). Dartmouth senior Abbey D’Agostino won her second race in as many attempts this season in repeating at this prestigious event. Abbey ran a 19:44 and easily outpaced the runner up (Samantha Ginther of Indiana, 20:10). Dartmouth scored second place finishes for the both the women’s and men’s teams on the backs of strong races by D’Agostino and then senior Will Geoghegan’s third place effort in the men’s race.

Said Dartmouth coach Mark Coogan of his team’s efforts: “This past weekend was good, I was pleasantly surprised by how well the women ran. I think we handled the heat and ran very well as a group helping each other out during the race. That is best the women have done as a team in a long long time.”

Luckily the Dartmouth squads had their chance to do their thing before the remaining races were called due to the weather. The excessive heat was a bit much for both the runners and the medical staff. How hot was it? Excellent question. Couldn’t find it in a quick web search, but we’ll go out on a limb and say it was hot to very hot.

Ridiculous weather aside, Abbey continues to steamroll along, winning by almost a minute in her first meet and then nearly 30 seconds in this latest race. “I think we all knew it was coming,” said Matty P once again, and it was still oddly appropriate. Anyway, too bad Abbey and the rest of Dartmouth’s top seven won’t be competing at the New England Championships at Franklin Park this weekend.

The Other Guys: One race that caught our attention from the weekend was the Grace Race in Chelmsford, MA. This was a small race, with only 75 people finishing. Think about that: seventy-five people. In that tiny field two runners went under 25:00 for five miles, and another two broke 26:00, and fifth place was still under 27:00. Glarius Rop and his training partner Amos Sang tore it up. Those were the two aforementioned gentlemen who went under 24 minutes. Glarius (24:37) edged Amos (24:44). The rest of the field was running for third.

Lindsay Willard easily won the women’s race with her 29:12 effort. That was fast enough to break into the top ten overall.

Newbould Kozloski Nahant

Newbould cruises along at Nahant, courtesy of Krissy Kozloski.

Brandon Newbould made the trip to Chelmsford, lured by the cash prizes even though his legs still had some Nahant 30k residue lingering in them. Brandon didn’t expect to see such a deep field waiting for him there on the starting line. According to Brandon, Glarius and Amos took it out with a 4:30 uphill opening mile. Perhaps Glarius is really motivated by his loss at the Level Renner 10k back in August and really wants to exact his revenge on poor unsuspecting runners, or perphaps he’s really just that good. Either way, “I think we all knew it was coming,” said Matty P. We’d be annoyed that Matt keeps giving us the same line, but damn it, it’s just so appropriate for everything we’re discussing here. Well said, Matt.

Anyway, Newbould had to settle for only a 4th place finish after running a 25:34. Not bad a for a guy still getting over a 30k and focused on a quickly approaching fall marathon.

Firefighter 5 Mile: Rich, Manfred Victorious

We went old school for this race coverage. Well, maybe old school isn’t the right way to put it. We didn’t have our usual camera equipment so we went back to our roots and got it done with the iPhone. Before the race went off, we spotted Pat Rich in the registration area and thought we’d get ahead in the game by doing a quick Instagram video of him with a pre-race prediction. Well, the cell phone service out there is pretty abysmal and the video clip went out into the ether, never to be seen again. We tried.

Technical difficulties aside, Pat Rich cruised to victory in 26:24. Matthew Manfred finished 2nd in 28:36, but the loss shouldn’t have stung too much for the coach from Altoona, PA; his wife Heidi was the top woman and only two spots behind him. For their efforts, they both got to cash in on some gear over at the New England Running Company in Beverly, MA. The husband and wife duo both coach cross country at Penn State Altoona, and were in town visiting family and hoping to run Falmouth. Falmouth’s loss was Hamilton’s gain.

firefighter 5 mile

Kaitlyn (L) and Lindsay (R) Domoracki bask in the glow of their triumphs.

The top firefighter on the day was Kevin Phipps of Lynn, and his Lynn Fire Department team upset the Hamilton team on their home course. Big road victory for Lynn! Kevin ran a 36:10 for the 5 mile course.

Ritchie, Reilly Victorious at Carver

The air was noticeably cooler on Friday night. I remembered it was the night of the Blessing of the Fleet Road Race in Narragansett, RI at what was probably the time Sam Alexander was breaking the tape (51:12 for the win). That race always seemed to be uncomfortably hot (much like many others this time of year) but if it could be cooler for that one, then there was hope that it could be cooler for Carver, right? Wrong.

Temps seemed to be about average at race time in Carver (79-80, I think) but luckily the course offered quite a bit of shade. You wouldn’t be able to tell from the results that it was hot at all from the way Tim Ritchie and Ruben Sança broke it open. It was basically a two man race that came down to a kick at the end. With about 400m to go, Ritchie made his move and Sança couldn’t quite cover it.

Tim Ritchie takes this round from Ruben Sança at Carver. Courtesy of Scott Mason Photo.

Tim Ritchie takes this round from Ruben Sança at Carver. Courtesy of Scott Mason Photo.

This round went to Ritchie, but it was just another battle between the two that goes back to their high school days. “He’s one of the guys that makes me nervous before a race. I’ll see him on the line and I’ll be like ‘okay, this is going to be harder than I thought’.” For Ruben, it was his debut road race in a Whirlaway singlet. Getting out-kicked is never ideal, but Ruben is only two and a half months removed from knee surgery and is still rounding into form. Ruben is feeling stronger and confident, and with a little more time to recover, it could make for a heck of showdown between the two down the road.

In the women’s race, it was all Steph Reilly. The Team RUN competitor and Bryant University coach (and last but not least Olympian) cruised to the victory in 27:48. Steph was almost a minute up on her nearest competitor, Carly Shea (BAA, 28:43). Not bad for someone who’s putting their body through the wringer with P90X exercises. According to Steph, she was feeling the effects of those strenuous workouts, but it’s all part of a plan to build up some more strength this summer.

Carly Shea fared pretty well herself. Although she lost to Reilly, she did manage to score her first PR as a mom. A PR of any kind is always a good sign so it looks like her comeback is progressing nicely.

As always, Scott Mason Photo had the race covered and you can check out his amazing work on his website. Krissy Kozlosky was also on the scene and put up quite a few excellent shots as well. Enjoy, and support your photographers!


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