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Millett’s Setting PR’s on the Way to Boston

The Level Legion: Boston Marathon Edition

Four Weeks to Go: A Check on Training

The 118th Boston Marathon is now just under a month away. The Legion has been training through one of the toughest and coldest winters we have had in a long time. With Spring now officially here, though Winter not quite gone, training is starting to reach its peak. The Legion has run some great races, put in some solid long runs and have had some bumps along the way. This week we look at how things are going and what their weeks have been like at this high point. You can see we all are in this together but we all have different ways of getting there. Our hope is that you continue to be inspired and encouraged by the Legion and that four weeks from now we can share our common goals of being a part of this great event in whatever way we are able! Now, onto the logs:

Aly Millett

Aly likes to keep it simple, though there is nothing too simple about a 72 mile week in March, including a nice PR at the half-marathon. Keep up the good work!

Training recap week of 3/10

Total miles: 72.1

Boston Legion MillettMonday: 10.3 miles easy, 730ish pace

**Tuesday:  Total miles: 17

5 mile warm-up to Reggie Lewis + 3.6 mile warm up with GBTC

Workout: 1 mile at 5:48, 400m jog rest, 3x (4×400) at 1:22 pace. 200m jog between each 400 and 400m jog after set. Followed 3 sets of 1 mile at 5:45. Easy 1.5 mile cool down.

Wednesday: Total miles: 6 easy around river at 730ish pace

Thursday: total miles: 6.5 easy on treadmill 8 min pace

Friday: total miles: 12.2 easy in Miami!

Saturday: total miles: 3 easy

Sunday: total miles: 17.1

2 mile warm up; New Bedford half marathon: 1:19:55; 2 mile cool down.

**I did this workout with a few of my teammates: Kerri Leonhardt, Nicole Casey, Hope Rantham (all training for Boston), and our miler Alyse Rocco. We went into it knowing it would be long but thinking the 400s would feel pretty easy considering the pace wasn’t too fast.

It may have been my 8+ mile warm-up, but the second 200 of the 4′s were much harder than I expected. My legs and feet were pretty achy the whole workout and it seemed comparative to the end of a 22-miler or even marathon race. Getting into the last mile interval, we thought it would be tough but also knew we would be slowing back down to 6min pace. It ended up feeling surprisingly great - went out in 45 for the first 200 and ended up going negative every lap to run 545ish. It was a great confidence booster knowing we only wanted to go out in 6 minutes for the upcoming half marathon on Sunday. A workout the week of the race may not directly impact fitness level on race day but it definitely gave us all the confidence to go hard into New Bedford. All four of us that ran this workout and at New Bedford had significant PRs on Sunday.

Millett Wins Black Cat 20 Miler

Level Legion: Boston Marathon Edition

February Race Recaps: The Level Legion has been hard at work training through one of the toughest and coldest winters of late. Fitting then that the Legion be equally tough and ice cold on the start line of their February Boston tune-up races. Whether one is trekking through the New Hampshire snow, winning a debut 20-miler, representing the home team at a local race, pushing along a 5 month old companion or simply putting in the steady work, this past month has brought along some great races. You have already heard from Scott, who decided that if you can’t beat this winter, might has well don the snowshoes and have at it. Now we bring you some more perspective on just how racing has been fitting in to the training plan as Boston inches ever closer.

Aly Millet

Black Cat 20 Miler (Salem, MA) – 1st Place, 2:11:18 (6:34/mi)

Boston Legion MillettI decided to run the 20-Miler back on New Year’s Day when I was working on my race schedule in preparation for Boston. I knew I wanted to do a race longer than a half at some point, and the picking is pretty slim with that requirement alone. I had heard good things from some friends about the Black Cat and the timing was right, so it was a go!

My initial hopes were just to run a decent 20 mile run: go out more or less like a long run, (7:15ish pace) and pick it up the second half if I was feeling it. I actually haven’t gone over 16 miles yet in my training for Boston, so really the initial intent was just to get a good day of mileage in. The race however, played out a little differently than expected.

I had a bunch of my GBTC teammates racing with me; a handful of 20-milers and a couple 10-milers as well. Alyse Rocco was running her first 10-miler and said she was just going to start out at around 7:00 pace and pick it up after a couple miles. I decided that sounded good to go out in, and we ended up right around 6:50 for the first mile or so. Alyse went off as I expected her to do and as I got warmer, (it was very cold out that morning) 6:40′s started feeling just as easy as the 6:50′s felt in the beginning.

I stayed right around 6:40 for the majority of the first 10 miles, with a couple of slightly faster miles but nothing crazy. I made a mental note that I would not speed up a huge amount until at least the halfway point. Right at the 10 mile mark is where I hit my runner’s bliss. It started feeling effortless speeding up to 6:30′s and 6:20′s. I felt as strong as I could have felt for miles 10-18. The effort was at least even (possibly lesser) compared to the first 10 miles while going 10-15 seconds faster per mile. Even miles 19-20 were pretty great, I just felt the tiniest bit of fatigue in my right hip flexor which slightly affected my stride. All and all though I finished out the last two miles right at 6:40ish pace and was very happy with the win and clocking in at 2:11.

One of my teammates always tells me how much she loves 20 mile races and if a marathon was 20 miles long she’d be awesome at them - this was my first 20-miler and I have to agree - 20 miles is just the right distance to not hit that horrible wall that is the marathon…I also learned that I am more aerobically fit than I thought - 6:34 pace felt what I thought 7:15 pace would feel like! My next race is the New Bedford Half Marathon where I hope to PR (current is 1:21:07) and if I go under 1:20, I’ll be a very happy runner!

Good luck to Aly in New Bedford! We’ll be there to cheer her on.

Millett is Ready for March

by Tim Ritchie

The Level Legion: A Quick Look into Training

Last we left the Level Legion: Boston Edition, they were telling you a bit about why they are racing the Boston Marathon. Now, let’s take a look at how they are doing so far. We are 8 weeks away from the big day and everyone is well underway with their training. Each of our runners has a unique approach to training and our hope is that you can find some comfort and encouragement in their responses. We have here a quick check in on our runners’ general outlook on their training to date and a sample of what their weeks have been so far. Enjoy and keep up the good work, runners!

Aly Millett

Boston Legion MilletI think my training has been going well. My mileage is not quite as high as I would like but at the same time I don’t know how necessary that is for me right now. The month of March is where my highest mileage needs to be along with some key races, (Black Cat 20-miler in the beginning of March and New Bedford 1/2 two weeks after that.)

Here is a week of training Aly did from 2/9-15:

Easy ~ 7:20-7:30 pace

Slight up tempo ~ 6:45-7:00 pace

Tempo ~6:00 pace


2/9: 3 mile warm up; 15K race (Great Stew Chase, Lynn) Half marathon pace, 57:48; 2 mile cool down

2/10: 6.5 miles easy

2/11: Morning- 3.25 miles easy; Afternoon - 3 miles warm up, 5K @ 6:05 pace, 2xMile @ ~5:55-6:00 pace, 2 miles cool down

2/12: 7 miles easy

2/13: 10 miles slight up tempo

2/14: 7.35 miles …treadmill (snow storm…)

2/15: OFF

Doesn’t have the level of detail that Brian Harvey had, but then again, who else does provide that? Not many. Solid week of training by Aly, including that marathon pace effort at the Stew Chase!

Boston Legion: Aly Millett

By Tim Ritchie

Last week we introduced to you here The Level Legion: Boston Marathon Edition, three men and three women, all talented runners in their own right that we believe comprise a good cross section of the runners in the northeast region. Each brings a unique perspective and background to their training, racing and experiences. It is our hope that you will see yourselves in the hearts, minds and legs of this Boston Marathon Edition of the Level Legion and that through them we can all support each other as we train, race and cheer for the 118th Boston Marathon. Now that you know who’s on the team, it’s time to start getting to know them better. Next up:

Aly Millett

Age: 25
Club: Greater Boston Track Club
Hometown: Charlestown, MA

How did you get started in running?

I started running as a young and naïve middle school-er to join my older brother. That was 14 years ago and I haven’t had a year without year round racing since…

What has been your most memorable running experience?

Boston Legion MilletI don’t think I could choose… there were some great personal accomplishments during high school and college that I remember like they were yesterday but I think the ceremony before the BAA 10K in 2013 (just a couple months after the marathon) will stick with me forever.

What does it mean to be a part of the Level Legion?

Being a runner in New England is not exactly a rarity - on a 65 degree day in October you won’t have any room along the Charles to move with everyone getting their river loop in. I think what really separates the Level Legion from the rest are the ones that are out there on a 5 degree day in January, not because they necessarily want to be but because they know to reach their goals they have to be out there all year long.

Have you run the Boston Marathon before?

I have not!

Why did you choose to run the Boston Marathon?

I have always been a mid-distance runner. I knew I would run a marathon eventually, but my plan was to wait a few years when I started slowing down in the shorter races. Whenever I’m on the sidelines at the marathon though, I have this guilty feeling hanging over me that if I’m a real Boston runner, I should be running the Boston Marathon. I was able to push that guilt back every other year but after 2013, I knew I wouldn’t feel right not participating in it.

Why the 118th edition?

See above.

What are your goals (broad or specific) for this year’s Boston?

I’ve only run one marathon and that was really just to qualify for Boston. I’m going into this one with an open mind. GBTC has a great women’s team going into Boston this year and my real goal is just to train and race with the more experienced marathoners.

What are you most excited about?

I’m excited to turn on to Boylston and deliriously run the last mile.

What are you most nervous about?

Pre-race jitters. I race so much on adrenaline which is fine in a 800 or mile but not so much in a marathon. I just want to make sure I stay calm and cool for the first 15 miles.

Level Legion: Boston Marathon Edition

The Level Legion

Your Very Own…

by Tim Ritchie

A few weeks ago, John Hancock (principal sponsor for the 118th Boston Marathon) released the names making up TEAM USA, the American athletes who will toe the line in April as part of the elite field. These are some names that we know, love and can rally around come Marathon Monday. Names like Flanagan, Ritzenhein and Keflezighi will be in our heads throughout the excitement for the race itself. This got us thinking: we have a whole bunch of names right here in our own backyard. They may not be well known and they may not be lining up to go for the win, but their stories and their races are just as important to us. They are…

The Level Legion: Boston Marathon Edition

…and they are your very own.

We will introduce to you here three men and three women, all talented runners in their own right that we believe comprise a good cross section of the runners in the northeast region. Each brings a unique perspective and background to their training, racing and experiences. It is our hope that you will see yourselves in the hearts, minds and legs of this Boston Marathon Edition of the Level Legion and that through them we can all support each other as we train, race and cheer for the 118th Boston Marathon. Over the next few weeks, we will provide some insight, quotes, training and anything else we can to inspire you through the miles, the minutes and the moments.

We are very excited to present this outstanding group of runners to you. Let’s meet them now:

The Men


L-R: Rivera, Graham, Harvey

Jose Rivera

Age: 39 (40 day of Boston Marathon)
Club: Central Mass Striders & Tri State Running
Hometown: Webster, MA

“I never dreamed of running a marathon, never mind being able to run Boston. Boston was something for the elites, not for me. But I am happy that I am here, because I deserve to be here. I have worked and trained hard to be here. I am a part of this great event as well as all 36,000 others that worked hard to be here. I am so looking forward to running Boston!!!”

Scott Graham

Age: 55
Club: Greater Lowell Road Runners (GLRR)
Hometown: Westford, MA

Brian Harvey

Age: 26
Club: Boston Athletic Association Unicorns
Hometown: Boston, MA

“I keep my log on athleticore.com – check it out if you’re interested in excessive (and nerdy) detail on all things numbers. I hope people enjoy following my training. I very much look forward to keeping my eye on the other runners!”

The Women


L-R: London, Millett, Encarnacion

Anne London

Age: 31
Hometown: Cambridge, MA

Aly Millett

Age: 25
Club: Greater Boston Track Club
Hometown: Charlestown, MA

Karen Encarnacion

Age: 48
Club: Somerville Road Runners
Hometown: East Walpole, MA

Lots more to come, both from and about this select group of talented runners. Stay tuned!

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