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Mayor’s Cup Wrap Up

After much delay we can finally present the rest of our coverage of the Mayor’s Cup races. First up is the Franklin Park 5k, which was held in addition to the men’s and women’s championship races. It was won by Jake Shoemaker and Cailin Kowalewski in 15:38 and 18:44, respectively.

Next up we have interviews with Brennan Bonner (GBTC), Brian Harvey (BAA) and Nich Haber (NE Distance). The hot topic on the day was the wrong turn taken by the leaders. Brennan went the wrong way, Brian didn’t and Nich was there to see it happen.

Of the incident, Tom Derderian (USATF-NE President) issued the following:

“After the recent Mayor’s Cup cross-country meet, several elected athletes representatives came to the monthly USATF-NE board meeting with observations and suggestions about what happened as the lead pack in the men’s championship race ran loops in a different order. The athletes reps had gathered information from participants about what had happened and their complaints and compliments.  The rule book states that runners can be disqualified if they run short of the official course but nothing about mixing up the order of loops. For the future a decision process will be used that will include some of the provisions in the rule book such as a designated meet director, referee, course marshall, and games committee to adjudicate any unforeseen occurrences.”

Finally, we have something that is going to ultimately fall victim to poor timing. The night before this race was the infamous obstruction call in the World Series. Since we’re in the heart of Red Sox Nation, we know we weren’t the only ones that were left feeling disgusted by it. Ultimately it was the right call, but it was still very disappointing. We wanted to get the reactions of runners to the call. We also wanted to post it that day so it was still relevant, but the onset of pneumonia and crazy software issues prevented that from happening…until now. So here’s the video that should’ve been released back in October.

If you didn’t like it, blame it on the pneumonia. Also, don’t forget about Scott Mason’s photos from the day.

Mayors Cup Mason

Didn’t think this stuff would see the light of day. Gonna play up the pneumonia card as long as possible. So please, forgive the lateness. After all, I had pneumonia.

GBTC at Nationals

Only a week out from the Boston Marathon now so it’s safe to say that the area is fully suffering from a case of Marathon Fever. As many are probably tweaking out now due to the anxieties that normally accompany a typical taper, let us offer some advice: relax! The only thing to really worry about now is: Can the weather.com website handle the insane number of people constantly checking and refreshing the ten day forecast? Let’s hope they divert some of the resources they have dedicated to naming storms to making sure the system can handle the increased traffic.

While looking ahead to Patriot’s Day lets not overlook the racing that is happening right now before our very eyes. Here’s a quick run down of what you might’ve missed over the weekend:

GBTC at nationals

The Greater Boston Track Club sent five of its finest young men to represent the club (and by default the region…er, Legion) at the 2013 USATF National Club Team 8 km Championships. This year the the Shamrock Shuffle in Chicago had the honors and over 33,000 people ran the race.

The GBTC had four guys come in at 25:13 or better and their fastest runner finished in 24:40 (Brennan Bonner). Pretttttttty…pretttttty…impressive.

Screen Shot 2013-04-08 at 12.03.36 PMAs a team they placed 16th out of 25, in what was a very competitive field. Hansons-Brooks took home the titles for both the men’s and women’s races. Hansons-Brooks took 1-2 in the women’s race, with Melissa White winning the title (26:33). For the men, it was Phillip Reid of Asics Aggie Running Club in 23:08

We hope to have more on that coming in the next couple of days so stay tuned.

In other news, Jim Johnson comfortably won the Great Bay Half in a quick 1:13:08. Jim’s slacking on his blog, but we’re sure you’ll be able to find a good write up on it there fairly soon. Kristen Ramey was the women’s winner (1:25:30.4) and was also 15th overall. Not too shabby.

Finally, Doyles Emerald Necklace 5 Miler was held yesterday in Jamaica Plain. TJ Unger couldn’t quite seal the deal on a repeat win (he came in third), but Lindsay Willard was able to pull it off herself. Jacob Barnett was the overall winner in 25:48, and Joe Navas wasn’t too far back of him in fourth place (26:29 and top master). Willard was the top woman with a 28:20. Holly Madden was the top master for the ladies with her 31:38.

Unger, Quintal and Barnett lead the way at Doyle's (courtesy of Ted Tyler).

Unger, Quintal and Barnett lead the way at Doyle’s (courtesy of Ted Tyler).

Coming Soon…

Boston Marathon preview coverage, including interviews with Hilary Dionne (3rd American woman and 15th overall in 2012) and Tim Ritchie (making his much anticipated marathon debut).

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