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3k National Champ Chelsea Reilly

Chelsea Reilly won the US 3k indoor national title back on March 2nd, and then there she was a week later competing in the 15k road championships (back on March 9th). It was a big 8 day stretch for the young national champion and we were able to find out a little more about it, straight from the source:

Courtesy of Joe Navas (Organic Photography)

I had originally planned on racing the 15k before the US Cross Country Champs in February. If all went well, we figured that Gate River would be a great workout leading up to World Cross. Unfortunately, I had a bad day at USXC.

We decided to shift gears and my agent, Ray Flynn, got me into the 3k at the Birmingham Grand Prix. I set a big PR (8:53) and we decided to give Indoor Nationals a go. We are really excited about the 3k title — this was a great way to move on from the disappointment of cross country.

I already had Gate River on my schedule and Magda (Lewy Boulet), Tom, and I decided that it would be a great opportunity to get my feet wet with a longer distance. I’m still figuring out my event but I hope to be competitive from everything from the 1500 to the half marathon. The 15k was a really good test for me. There was great competition and I learned a lot! I hope to put myself in a better position next time. I’m already dreaming of winning that race someday!

Everyone at Gate River was amazing. Richard Fannin, the race director, is a huge champion of American Distance Running. I feel very lucky to have the opportunity to compete at these events. And that’s what this is all about — giving myself as many opportunities as possible.

I have a great team of people. My coaches, family, agent, and the Bay Area Track Club make it possible for me to travel to these races. I feel very fortunate to be able to pursue running. I love to compete!

Now that indoor is over with, what’s your focus shifting to?

We are now shifting gears to the track. As I mentioned before, I’m not set on a specific event yet. Expect to see me in the 1500, 5k, and maybe the 10k on the track this spring.

Of course, she signed off with:

Keep it on the LEVEL!

Reilly the Clear Victor in a Messy Finish

In case you’ve been living under a rock, or just don’t get Universal Sports, the US Indoor National Championships were held this past Saturday. Of the 10 women lined up for the 3k, three of them have made appearances on the Level before. That makes for good watching!

Chelsea Reilly held on for a hard fought victory and survived a pretty brutal finish in the process. Lisa Uhl tried to pass on the inside and ended up taking both of them down. Uhl suffered the worst of it, as evidenced by the nasty bruise under her eye. See it for yourself here:

While the leaders were going down in a tangled mess, the rest of the field was battling it out on the final lap. Joanna Murphy of New Balance Boston (the 2013 New England indoor 3k champ) and Cat Beck of the Central Park Track Club held on to finish 7th and 8th, respectively. Murphy ran a 9:46 and Beck finished with a 9:50, both strong times considering it was at altitude.

Tufts 10k

Chelsea Reilly addressing the crowd after her big win.

Jemutai with an insurmountable lead (courtesy of Brendan Kearney)

Hellen Jemutai rolled into Boston like a hurricane and came out of it with a lot new fans (along with some cash and hardware). On Sunday she came in third at the BAA Half with an impressive 1:13:35. As if that wasn’t enough, she laced ‘em up again on Monday and won the Tufts 10k for Women with 32:30. As awe-inspiring as that double was, it wasn’t the story on Monday.

Chelsea Reilly, running her first ever 10k, came away victorious. Her 32:41 paced her four seconds ahead of second place Tara Erdmann and, more importantly, gave her the 2012 US road 10k title.

Here’s some race footage:

Looking at the results makes her performance seem even more impressive.

32:41 5:16 Chelsea Reilly
32:45 5:17 Tara Erdmann
32:51 5:18 Emma Kertesz
32:51 5:18 Neely Spence
32:52 5:18 Jennifer Rhines
32:56 5:18 Stephanie Rothstein
33:00 5:19 Mattie Suver
33:05 5:20 Annie Bersagel
33:06 5:20 Brianne Nelson
33:12 5:21 Katie McGregor
33:27 5:23 Kristen Fryburg-Zaitz
33:36 5:25 Delilah Dicrescenzo
33:43 5:26 Kellyn Johnson
33:49 5:27 Mary Kate Champagne
33:49 5:27 Andrea Walkonen
33:50 5:27 Magdalena Boulet

Included in that list are women who have Olympic Trials experience and even a couple of Olympians. Chelsea didn’t even have 10k experience!

The top ten Americans were brought up on stage and introduced to the crowd and given their awards. Chelsea was given the chance to address the cheering spectators and had this to say:

Madgalena Lewy-Boulet continued on her road to recovery from a torn plantar fascia by winning her age group. Although it must have been disappointing to not finish in the top ten, the former Olympian could take solace in knowing that her pupil won the whole thing. That’s right, Magda coaches Chelsea Reilly. What better way to affirm your training plan than to have your athlete win a national title?

In the team competition (won by Adidas McMillan Elite), a few local clubs showed up in force and finished high up in the standings. The New Balance Boston ‘A’ team (led by Mary Kate Champagne), GBTC ‘Red’ (led Kyle Linn Feldman) and the BAA (led by Heather Cappello) finished third, fourth and fifth, respectively. New England was well represented here, especially with teams like NBB and GBTC entering multiple squads.

Brielle Chabot was one of the top regional finishers (second on her BAA team) and had this say about her race:

The ladies owned the streets of Boston on Monday, and made good use of them. They put on an impressive show of speed and strength, especially by Jemutai and Reilly. With the race over, they’ll disperse and head home, some to gear up for cross country (Boulet), others to take time to rest up after a busy summer/fall (Erdmann). But it was fun having them converge right here in our backyard to put on a show. Who else is fired up to go for a run?

L-R: Tara Erdmann, Kellyn Johnson, Neely Spence, and Delilah Dicrescenzo.

Notes: As soon as this was written, formatted and set to be published, the site crashed and all was lost. Instead of rewriting, etc., I basically tried to recall exactly what I did to replicate it. That can be dangerous, so hopefully I didn’t leave out anything or make any horrible mistakes. Anyway, the PA system was so overwhelmingly loud by the elite staging area that it was nearly impossible to get an interview with our subpar equipment. By the time I ran into Brielle, things quieted down a little, but then the awards ceremony started. Soon after that, people scattered and that was it. For once I was in the right spot, but the conditions didn’t help at all.

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