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Chicago Marathon Highlights & Results

The Chicago Marathon was this past weekend. Level Legion was well represented out there, and we got word of quite a few New Englanders running it. We had boots on the ground and got some footage of this major race. Diana Davis was deputized as a Level correspondent and captured some clips of the leaders, along with some footage of Jason Bui and another mysterious BAA runner. Also included is a quick interview with BAA elite David Bedoya.

And here is the roster of the runners we knew of racing out there, along with results:

Lindsay Willard - BAA - 2:57:17
Ruthanne Waite - SRR - 5:36:51
Adrian Bellando - SRR - 4:15:35
Jason Reilly - BAA - 2:42:13
Christina Haddad - 3:53:28
Annie Schirmacher - 3:41:14
Benai Kornell - 4:04:35
Jeff Barbieri - 3:23:53
Laurie Pouliot Ferguson - 3:17:46
Lindsey Wolfe - 3:32:43
Andrea Desantis - 4:05:35
Ross Tulloch - 3:07:00
Amiel Bowers - 5:49:09
George Thompson - 4:11:15
Jason Bui - GLRR - 2:43:35
David Pinsonneault - 2:47:18
Dan Smith - BAA- 2:31:36

Wow, that’s a lot to check up on. I’m sure we missed some too. Did you run it or know of someone else we missed? Add it on in the comments below. If you did run it we’d love to know how you did.

Thanks again to Diana for getting this to us.

As far as the runners themselves, we should be hearing from Jason Bui about his race pretty soon. David Bedoya was out there to help pace Dan Smith and Dan Martin. According to David, the goal for both was about 2:26, but they fell a bit short of that (still running a speedy 2:31 and 2:30, respectively).

Another local who made the trek was Lindsay Willard. It was a tough one for her, but despite the incredible difficulties experienced, Lindsay gutted it out and finished with a more than respectable time. Here’s what she had to say about her experience:

Certainly disappointed about Chicago after the training season I had devoted to the big day, but I learned from it and I’m going back to the basics. Hoping to heal up a little in the coming days and run Mount Desert Island next Sunday. I’m very sore and had great trouble keeping food down for the last day and a half, but I don’t have the bad lactic acid in my legs that would have come from a much faster finish. In the end I was just trying to pick up my feet and not have my stomach churn again. I knew from previous marathons where I had much worse conditions like stress fractures, torn miniscis, pneumonia, bronchitis… If I ever dropped out, I would be haunted by that mile marker in any future marathons.

My training was intense this Spring and Summer, including recovery from my April knee surgery. I was trying out new sports drinks and recovery supplements since I tend to have nasty acid reflux in marathons and tempo long runs. I was nursing a pulled hamstring from the last month as well. I think the combination of too much Advil for my hamstring micro tears, the new electrolyte drinks and chews, and not drinking much since the race was so chilly, just backfired into system failure.

I had to get blood work, an IV, and help for hypothermia and very low blood pressure and glucose levels in the medical tent after finishing. My legs kept seizing on the cot and I was pretty out of it.

Gotta respect that effort. Knowing Lindsay, we wouldn’t be surprised to see her crush it at MDI.

Run 4 Kerri: InterviewsOnTheLevel

It’s hard to figure out how to fit all the good stuff into short enough clips for your web digestion. Every now and then, an event presents us with enough “extra” material to produce some additional features.

Here we have Matt Pelletier uncut and on camera after the Run 4 Kerri. It’s always a good interview with Matty P and it felt criminal to leave out most of this in the more official race coverage video. Plus it was a good way to tease an upcoming video/blog post. ‘About what?’, you may be asking. You’ll have to watch to find out.

Next, class is in session as Jason Bui, Diana Davis and Lindsay Willard come to the Level Renner classroom for post race detention. All three of them came into the race on tired legs and all three ran quite well. One of them may have stealthily swiped $50 from an Olympian at a mile marker. Check it out:

We had a blast working with Scott Bessette and Co at the Run 4 Kerri this year. Be sure to add this race to your calendar for 2014! We’ll save a seat in the classroom for you.


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Run 4 Kerri: Culley Takes It

The 12th Annual Run 4 Kerri was held in lovely Wakefield, RI back on Sunday August 4th. One big name was left off the pre-race elites list: Olympian Julie Culley. It almost seemed like a rumor hearing that she was there. Well, she was there and she won it.

Julie just recently took some time off and is just getting back into the swing of things as part of a build up for her second debut attempt at the NYC Marathon.

The race went out pretty hard, a lot faster than Julie anticipated. Being the first harder effort in a while, Julie was expecting to open in the 5:40 range, but the first mile was actually in the 5:20′s. Diana Davis of New Balance Boston was right there pushing the pace, going for all the glory that comes with taking an Olympic scalp. Or…just going for the first mile time bonus.

Julie had forgotten about the cash bonuses offered at the mile markers, but Diana was locked in on those (at least the first one). After  coming away with the cash for the first mile bonus, Diana basically just turned to Julie and said “have a good race’, and then it was all Julie after that. Julie was able to cruise home for the win in 22:22.9 and finished 19th overall.

That’s not to say that Diana just faded into the pack though. Diana slipped to 35th place overall (in a deep field), but was still the third female. Lindsay Willard (BAA) overtook her for second place, but still didn’t get her by much. Lindsay ran a 23:13 compared to Diana’s 23:50 (for four miles).

It’s a amazing that Diana and Lindsay were even racing there. One week earlier, Lindsay was in Maine where she won the Great Cranberry Island Ultra (50k). Not only was she the top female but she also placed third overall with her 3:40:36. Only the day before this Run 4 Kerri race, Diana was up in Maine racing the Beach to Beacon 10k. She was no slouch either, running a 37:58.

Trish Hillery of Greenville, RI was the top masters runner in 24:48. It wasn’t fast enough to beat her son Liam though. He was busy mixing it up with the elite men up in the front.

Next up: the coverage of the men’s race. Lead shot on the website is once again a product of George Ross Photography, so check out his work and give him some support.

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