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Fast Times at the First Quahog Mile

Quahog Mile Mason Goodman Kramer

Goodman and Kramer out front early on, courtesy of Scott Mason Photo.

By Tyler Andrews

While many may still be resting their legs, recovering from the spring Marathon season, 88 runners tested their turnover this past Sunday, May 11th, in Warwick, RI in the first annual Quahog Mile Road Race. In a world where 5Ks flood the calendar from St. Patrick’s Day to Thanksgiving, 1-Mile road races still find a unique appeal in their relative scarcity.

It was the first year for the Quahog Mile and race director Bob Jackman. Besides putting on a fun event, Jackman had one goal: some fast finishing times.

Two factors helped aid in this. First, the Quahog Mile featured an enticing array of cash prizes for a self-proclaimed small race, with $300 for first and paying through to 5th place. Second, Jackman designed the course for speed – a gentle dog-leg left with a generously downhill final 400m.

And did the carrots pay off?

They sure did. Jackman had said 4:10 would win the race, but when the winner (David Goodman of NE Distance) crossed the finish line, the clock read 4:05. Just behind him was Will Sanders who also broke Jackman’s prediction, running 4:06 (full results here).

Quahog Mile Mason Goodman Sanders

Goodman for the win! Courtesy of Scott Mason Photo.

The pair had run the whole race together, with Goodman leading from the gun. With a quarter mile to go, Sanders tried to press, but Goodman maintained his lead and would win in an impressive wire-to-wire run.

Behind them were Dan Kramer (NB Boston) in 3rd in a time of 4:24, Dan Hawkins (Tuesday Night Turltes) in 4th in a time of 4:33, and Mike Pezzullo (Tuesday Night Turtles) in 5th in a time of 4:53. Kramer got out with Goodman and Sanders and fell off halfway through. We’ll forgive Kramer for not holding on. After all, he did win the 3000m at the New Balance Boston Twilight Meet the night before (Kramer ran an 8:39.07 and dominated the field).

The women’s race also featured a near-photo finish. Lindsay Willard (BAA) took the early lead before being passed by Katie Moulton (Rhode Runner) in the first half. Kailin Collins (Unattached), stayed right with Moulton until the three-quarter-mile mark, when she moved by and made a bid for glory. Moulton responded well but didn’t have quite enough. Collins crossed the line in 5:03 for first with Moulton two seconds back in 5:05 for second.

Behind these two were Willard (3rd, 5:19) Kim Chula-Maguire (Ronald McDonald House of Providence RC) (4th, 5:21) and Miranda Fani Srour  (5th, 5:22).

All in all, the race was a huge success according to Jackman, who hopes to make the race an annual occurrence. After seeing how fast runners were able to cover the 1-Mile course this year, Jackman is confident that next year will be even faster.

“If the race is a go for next year, I expect a sub-4,” he told The Level.

We’ll have to wait until May, 2015, but we’ll be sure to watch and see if the runners can beat the predictions once again.

Thanks to Bob Jackman for contributing to this!

Run 4 Kerri: Video & More!

Well, the Run 4 Kerri is in the books for 2012, and what an experience that was! Results are already out there (find them here) and Joe Navas has an excellent write up coming in the next magazine, so I won’t go into it too much here. The last thing we want to be is redundant! So I’ll just fire off some bullet points before we get to the video:

- Scott Bessette & Co. did a great job of putting together a deep, competitive field. The course was right and the competition was there for fast times, the weather just didn’t cooperate. Don’t get me wrong, people still ran impressively fast, but conditions weren’t ideal.

- This was my first time riding in a lead vehicle, and to make it even more fun we were filming/photographing the race. It was quite the rush, but maybe that was because I spent most of the race popped up outta the sunroof as Kev drove. Somehow both Navas and I were able to do that at the same time…maximum coverage!!

- The ‘time prime’ cash bonuses for the first to each mile mark made things quite interesting, especially in the early going. Gotta tip my cap to Jacob Edwards for going at it real hard right from the start, especially in that heat.

- Speaking of hats, I lost mine. It’s a tragedy, I know. It happened when I popped out of the sunroof after Mile 2. Thanks for your support in this difficult time. In lieu of flowers, please send hats. Actually, I’m not that broken up; it was only a Red Sox hat, and I’m not even sure I recognize them as a professional team anymore.

Without any more yammering from this guy, here’s the video:

Congrats to Sam Alexander (BAA) and Kailin Collins on their wins!

**UPDATE** I wasn’t going to add this tonight, but I find myself still up waiting for the 1500m replay so here it is… the raw footage from the race. This captures a lot more of the early part of the race and finish line footage of approximately the first 50 finishers. Enjoy!

Run 4 Kerri Race Coverage

The Level has tons of race footage of today’s race, so this here is just to wet your appetite.  We were out on the course and accumulating stills and streaming from almost every part of the race.  We are in the process of compiling and editing our footage and should have a couple of posts about the race in the next 24-48 hours.

The design on the 2012 Run 4 Kerri T-shirt.

Despite the exceptionally humid conditions and steep uphill at mile 3, there will still some pretty quick times.

The Men

    1   1/33   M2029 SAMUEL ALEXANDER     19:25.8  4:52   19:26.9 
    2   1/57   M3039 NATE JENKINS         19:26.8  4:52   19:27.9 
    3   1/34   M1319 CHRISTOPHER CROFF    19:38.3  4:55   19:39.5 
    4   2/33   M2029 CHRISTOPHER ZABLOCKI 19:41.4  4:56   19:42.6 
    5   2/57   M3039 MATT PELLETIER       19:45.2  4:57   19:46.4 
    6   3/33   M2029 NICK ROSS            19:45.4  4:57   19:46.5 
    7   4/33   M2029 WILLIAM SANDERS      20:08.8  5:03   20:10.0 
    8   2/34   M1319 LIAM HILLERY         20:23.7  5:06   20:24.8 
    9   5/33   M2029 ERIC LONERGAN        20:58.5  5:15   20:59.7 
   10   6/33   M2029 LUKE ALBERTSON       21:11.7  5:18   21:12.8 
   11   3/57   M3039 MIKE GALOOB          21:24.5  5:22   21:25.7 
   12   7/33   M2029 ANTHONY GONSALVES    21:24.6  5:22   21:25.8 
   13   4/57   M3039 CHRIS MAGILL         21:44.3  5:27   21:45.5

Kailin Collins: 1st Place

The Women

   20   1/78   F2029 KAILIN COLLINS       23:18.0  5:50   23:19.2 
   22   2/78   F2029 LAURA BRUSTOLON      23:24.0  5:51   23:25.8 
   25   3/78   F2029 DIANA DAVIS          23:39.9  5:55   23:41.1 
   28   1/40   F1319 PAIGE ETHIER         24:27.6  6:07   24:29.0 
   35   1/101  F3039 RENAE CICCHINELLI    25:15.8  6:19   25:17.0 
   41   1/75   F4049 TRISH HILLERY        25:35.4  6:24   25:36.6 
   43   4/78   F2029 NICOLE COCOZZA       25:45.7  6:27   25:48.1 
   45   2/101  F3039 LAURA PAGNOZZI       26:02.7  6:31   26:04.4 
   46   5/78   F2029 JENN RANDALL         26:03.5  6:31   26:06.1 
   47   6/78   F2029 MELISSA DONAIS       26:09.3  6:33   26:10.5 
   54   3/101  F3039 JACQUELYN JACKMAN    26:36.8  6:40   26:39.7 
   57   2/75   F4049 CLAIRE GADROW        27:01.7  6:46   27:03.4

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