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Fullerton Sets New Mark at Feaster 5

The arctic cold didn’t slow down Pat Fullerton at the Feaster Five today. Maybe Pat thrives in the cold, maybe he was motivated by the bonus we waived in front of him before the start. Maybe it was as simple as resting up the night before this year. Whatever it was, it worked well for him. Pat cruised along into the wind to a solo 15:10. That was 30 seconds faster than the old course record of 15:40, which was set by Harry Norton back in 2007.

Back to that bonus… we offered to buy Pat his next meal at McDonald’s if he won. Fulla then went on to break the course record. Coincidence? Don’t think so. The big question now is what will the winner eat?

Alanna McDonough is fresh off an appearance at the NCAA DIII cross country national championships, but she still had enough left in the tank to win her first Feaster Five race. The Colby College sophomore finished an impressive 44th place at nationals in Indiana. Today she finished 30th overall in her 19:16 winning effort.

In the five mile race, we were treated to another epic finish by Ruben Sança and Nate Jenkins. What was perhaps most impressive about it was the fact that Nate had just set the course record in the 5k but then there he was, just behind Ruben for 2nd in the 5 miler.

Okay, he didn’t really set the course record in the 5k, but that was the announcement that was made as Fullerton broke the tape earlier. That’s why you can probably hear me shouting “it’s Pat Fullerton!” on the video. Did they hear me? No, but people were shouting about other things and I didn’t want to feel left out.

Anyway, back to the Sança/Jenkins showdown. Jenkins took it out and was hoping “to break the string”, but even coming off of an injury Ruben is one tough customer. As Nate heard people shouting ‘come on you guys!‘, he resigned himself to the fact that Ruben would not go quietly. The advantage shifted to the young Olympian when they were still close as the race entered the final mile. According to Nate, Ruben ran about a 4:35 to close it out. Ruben broke the tape in 24:19 and Nate was right behind him in 24:23. For Nate it was his second best time ever on the course that he typically seems to own.

Kirsten Kasper, 22, was the top woman in the five miler. She ran a 27:48 and beat out Cat Beck of the Central Park Track Club (who ran a 28:18). Although the name was unfamiliar to me before today, luckily Mike Quintal had the inside scoop:


If you followed the link on her name above, you can see just how impressive her resume is. Maybe next time we’ll be able to keep up with her and get an interview.

Lastly, a special holiday shout out to the latest power couple in the region: Matt Lacey and Cat Beck, both of the CPTC. They just recently got engaged and are up in the area to celebrate with family today. Cat was second in the five miler (28:18), as we mentioned earlier, and her new fiancé Matt came in 5th in that same race (26:56).

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