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Nash Takes 10,000m Crown, PR’s

Here’s our Q&A with Melissa Nash, the Bentley grad and 2014 USATF-NE outdoor track 10,000m champion. Melissa ran a 34:36.9 en route to the win on Saturday in a race that was held in the dark due to a power outrage at the track.

Is this your first NE championship?

No, this is not my first NE championship. I have won the 5k indoors twice (2011 and 2013).

Did you jump into this race or is track your focus right now?

Minty Nash NBB Twilight Derderian

Nash leads Minty as they fly around the track in the dark. Courtesy of Tom Derderian.

Track is my current focus and I did have this race be my main focus for the season so I am extremely happy my training came together. Now, I will switch gears and try to run a PR in the 5k in a few weeks.

What is your 10,000m PR?

Previously, my 10k PR was 35:19, which I ran last year at the NBB Twilight meet. Now it is 34:36.9.

It looks like you and teammate Jess Minty worked together. Was that part of a plan going in?

Jess and I were very fortunate to have a pacer through the first 5k, Viviana Hanley from Harvard, then after that we worked through the field until I pulled away with 1.5 miles or so to go.

What did you think of racing in the dark? Do you think it negatively impacted your time?

The dark actually wasn’t an issue for me. I am not sure if I was just really focused on the laps, but I didn’t really notice the darkness until after finishing. I could never see the first place woman, but I was running for time and knew she was too fast for me. With a 43 second PR, I think I would be greedy in saying that it impacted my time.

What does it mean to you to be NE champ?

Being NE Champ is a great feeling and having these championship races recognizes that track in New England is still relevant.

What’s your preferred race: road, track or XC?

XC is my favorite season as the courses and conditions challenge you in a different way.

Congrats to Melissa! The inquiry about racing in the dark wasn’t just a goofy question. One quick look at the results shows that 5 of the 9 women didn’t finish the race (including the pacer). That’s a very high percentage. Did the dark have something to do with that? Did some of them not even start? Did they take a wrong turn in the dark? Hopefully no one got hurt and it was just a fluke thing.

Club New England Championships Kickoff with a Bang

Club New England Championships Kick Off With a Bang

by Mike Giberti

Minty Nash NBB Twilight Derderian

Jess Minty & Melissa Nash, courtesy of Tom Derderian.

Yesterday evening, the second New Balance Boston Twilight Meet held at the University of Massachusetts Lowell featured the 10,000 meter event, which was also run as part of the USATF-NE Open and Masters Championships. Despite a delayed start due to a power failure and having to hand time and lap count every athlete individually, the 10k was the race to watch. The overall men’s winner was Iona’s Jake Byrne, who executed an astounding even-split clinic to cross the line in 29:42.9h, good for 43rd in the NCAA D1 East Region. Dan Vassallo (CMS) was the USATF-NE Champion in 30:16.3h. On the women’s side, former North Carolina State distance standout Andie Cozzarelli took the win in 34:15.2h with the top Club New Englander being New Balance Boston’s Melissa Nash in 34:36.9h. The rest of the USATF-NE Open and Masters Championships will be contested at Regis College on June 29th, 2014.

Dan Vassallo is all smiles after setting a PR and being crowned USATF-NE 10,000m champ (the crown will be forthcoming). Photo by Jim Pawlicki.

Check out the full meet results here.


Zillmann Conquers the Level Renner 1000

level renner 1k zillman mason gbtc
We enjoyed our experience sponsoring the 3k at the GBTC Invitational last year (the first ever Level Renner 3k) that we wanted in again this year. Only this year Saucony found their strong and we could only keep it on the level, so Saucony got the 3k and we took over the 1k. That’s okay, because although we generally cover the long distance guys & gals, we embrace the opportunity to put our mid-distance brethren in the spotlight.

Unfortunately we couldn’t be there this year due to scheduling conflicts, but lucky for us Mike Giberti was there. Not only did Mike cover the Level Renner 1k, but he ran the damn race too! That’s keeping it on the level.

That horse out in front is none other than Ryan Zillmann. Ryan ran a 2:29.44 for the win.  Garrett O’Toole was out in front for most of the race but Ryan played his hand right and was able to  overtake Garrett in the last 200m.

For a little more about the race, here’s an interview with the Citius NY athlete Ryan himself:

Our field reporter extraordinaire Mike Giberti ran a 2:41.18 and finished 7th. Other notable performances on the day:


Invitational Mile: Sydney Fitzpatrick, New Balance Boston - 4:52.35
Invitational 3k: Katrina Spratford, NE Distance - 9:49.51


Invitational Mile: Alex Wallace, New Balance Boston - 4:12.17
Invitational 3k: Dan Vassallo, Central Mass Striders - 8:34.05

Alexander Hit Next Level



It’s in the rearview mirror now, but between Matty P’s tweet and the USATF releasing the Team USA roster for the 25th Bupa Great Edinburgh Cross Country race today, we figured it was a good time to put up something on club nats. The big story, as some of you already know, is that Sam Alexander was selected for the team.

Before we get into the races, I wanted to say that I was looking through Rod Hemingway’s photos (two of which appear below) from the races and I couldn’t believe how many people hit the ground during the race. It looked like staying on your feet was quite the challenge. Anyway, on to the races:

The Men

Joe Gray ran a 31:05 to win the 10k championship, but it’s hard not to focus our attention the Sam ran. What can we say, we’re partial to the Legion. Sam ran a 31:27 and finished in 9th place. Joe Moore, Max King, Nick Arciniaga, Alan Webb…just a couple of names from the long list of runners finishing behind Sam. Those guys are no slouches, either. Sam’s BAA team ended up finishing 12th place. Due to some archaic rule, Sam wasn’t allowed to score for the BAA because he lives in CT which is technically outside of our New England region. No doubt the BAA would’ve been a few slots higher had Sam been allowed to score for them. The BAA had a couple of other guys up there though, with Eric Ashe coming in 28th and Brian Harvey finishing 43rd.

Ryan Bak, a graduate of Trinity College, finished 7th overall and led his Central Oregon Running Club teammates to a 24th place finish. Ryan will be joining Sam on Team USA for the BUPA race.

12. Boston Athletic Association
19. Garden State Track Club (A)
27. New Balance Boston
36. Greater Boston Track Club
38. GSTC (B)
42. GSTC (C)
48. HFC Striders

Team USA Roster
Ryan Bak
Joseph Gray
Brendan Gregg
Richard Medina
Maverick Darling
Robert Mack III
Samuel Alexander
Christopher Derrick
Gregory Montgomery

For the masters, the BAA squad didn’t disappoint. Led by Harry Stants (20th, 35:59), the Unicorns bunched up nicely and finished in about as tight of a pack as can hope for. Close behind were Keven O’Neil (22nd), Peter Hammer (26th), and Chris Magill (27th). Although the Greater Springfield Harriers weren’t the highest placing team from the region, their presence was felt. Sandu Rebenciuc finished 6th (35:01), leading the team to a strong 11th place showing.

40+ Teams
3. BAA
11. Greater Springfield
19. HFC

50+ Teams
7. Greater Lowell Road Runners

The Women

The 1-2 punch of Jillian King (20th) and Sydney Fitzpatrick (22nd), who ran 22:36 and 22:44 respectively, led the New Balance Boston ‘A’ squad to a 5th place finish. Katie DiCamillo (86th) and Joanna Murphy (59th) had off days and didnt run quite as well as last year (19th and 28th, respectively), but they still ran well enough to push the team into the upper echelon of the field. That’s a deep team.

The CPTC women came in 7th, led by Jane Vongvorachoti and her 35th place finish.

5. New Balance Boston (A)
7. Central Park Track Club
12. New York Athletic Club
19. GBTC
20. NBB (B)
21. GSTC (A)
34. GSTC (B)

Team USA Roster
Addie Bracy
Corey Conner
Karen Dimoff
Amy Van Alstine
Kellyn Johnson
Renee Baillie
Katie Kellner
Stephanie Marcy
Rochelle Kanuho

Duncan, Fitzpatrick Win in Wayland

GBTC Wayland

GBTC team shot from Wayland. Courtesy of Tom Derderian.

Sean Duncan and Sidney Fitzpatrick were the big winners at the Wayland XC Festival, which was held back on October 13th. That was the latest in the USATF-NE XC series.

Sean ran a 15:45 and Sidney ran 18:00 for their wins (full results here). The GBTC men topped the host HFC Striders squad by a score of 21-56. One of the victorious GBTC’ers, Caleb Evanter, contributed a solid write up about the event:

It was a fun race. It was very much a cross country race, in that the distance was relative and there were hills and turns and uneven footing. There was no pavement and no cars visible from the course. The first mile goes around some baseball and soccer fields and is flat after a hill at the very start. The second mile features a short steep uphill and a stretch on an undulating trail that seems better suited for mountain biking. The third mile is basically the first mile backwards. The finish is 300 meters on a track.

Sean Duncan took the lead from the start and had a gap on the field from the beginning. From my spot behind them in the race it looked like Justin Lutz and the rest of the chase pack let Duncan take it out and tried to make up the ground at the end of the race. Lutz probably gained some ground during the final mile, but not enough to make it a race. He was comfortably in second. My splits were about 5:13, 5:35 and 5:49 for the final 1.1. I moved up on a bunch of people in the final two miles so that shows that probably most people ran significantly slower over the more challenging second mile.

Ryan Irwin was considerate enough to not give me a go of it with a sprint to the finish. Men and women, open and masters all raced together. There were 10 and under and 11-14 races too. Before the race Sydney Fitzpatrick asked us about whether or not to wear spikes on the course. Given that she won, I assume she made the right decision. Finally the Wayland XC Festival was notable for having four Caleb’s run in it, two in the 11-14 race, one who came in 3rd in the 10 and under race and myself.

Although New Balance Boston didn’t field a team for the race, Sydney Fitzpatrick did her best to make sure the green & white was noticed. For her efforts, we got this from Sydney:

The goals Coach Green gave me was to just go out, compete, and remind my body about the feel of cross country racing again. I feel like I ran a very smart race, and knowing who Steph Reilly is, my goal was to conserve energy early on, work my way up to her, and put myself in a position to win. I felt really strong during the race, and was able to execute today. I am very optimistic about what myself, and my team can accomplish this fall at the upcoming invitationals (Mayors Cup, New England’s, Club Nats). Training has been great thus far this fall. NBB has some great depth this year, and I feel more than lucky to have so many teammates to workout with on a regular basis. We are all very motivated and looking forward to the rest of our fall season.

We weren’t lucky enough to get something so detailed from Sean Duncan, but he did take a break from one of his epic workouts to tell us: “The victory was quite satisfying. All I do is win. My ultimate goal is to win a race in every town in America, and now I can finally cross Wayland, MA off the list.”

Okay, maybe Sean didn’t say that. We just needed to squeeze one more quote in, real or imaginary. As far as the team scoring went for the ladies, the Millenium Running team led by Jennifer Mortimer took the title, followed by the WMDP and GBTC squads, respectively.

Next up on the circuit is the Mayor’s Cup, which will be this coming Sunday at Franklin Park. More to come on that one.

Lone Gull 10k: Duncan Finds His Rhythm

Sean Duncan (WMDP) and Olympian Steph Reilly continued to tear up the USATF-NE Grand Prix series with their wins at the Lone Gull 10k on Sunday in Gloucester. Both runners shot out to the lead early and held it, but ran a little conservatively and weren’t quite sure of what to expect in terms of competition.

Sean knew there were runners in the field that were capable of giving him a run for his money, especially with Nate Jenkins lurking somewhere out of sight. When he felt a presence coming up on him later on, there was some surprise to see that it wasn’t Jenkins but instead newcomer Nick Karwoski (Whirlaway). Nick surprised a few people that day, including many Whirlaway teammates who didn’t see a welcome email but were shocked to see an unknown giant in a Whirlaway singlet chasing down Duncan at the end of the race. The element of surprise wasn’t enough and Nick wasn’t able to reel in Sean. Sean’s 30:50 was good enough for a seven second cushion, and added even more points to his series total.

With only two series races left (30k & marathon), Sean appears to be in command. In fact, coupled with his win the prior week at the WMDP XC Festival, he now leads in two series (road and xc). It appears that 2013 is Duncan’s year. It’s not over yet and it may be premature to celebrate, but I think it’s okay to start the celebratory dancing. Just a little bit. Maybe for 16 seconds or so.

Steph Reilly also has a commanding lead in the grand prix standings and further asserted her dominance on Sunday. Reilly cruised through the streets of Gloucester and comfortably ran a 34:58. Her next closest competitor was Jess Minty of New Balance Boston, who ran a 36:27. Steph is more focused on coaching her Bryant University team right now and is just trying to get through this phase unscathed. You wouldn’t know it from the way she’s racing.

Binney Mitchell (GMAA) and Christen Doneski (Whirlaway) were the top masters. As far as teams go, Central Mass Striders took the titles in both men’s open and masters. Having Jenkins and Dan Vassallo finish 3-4 is a great way to start the day. The New Balance Boston women claimed the open team title, while Whirlaway was able to score the masters team title.

For more on this event, check out:

Race pics by Ted Tyler
Race pics by Krissy Kozlosky (featured image on the main page is hers)
Full results

*Sorry for the video quality. For some reason YouTube isn’t uploading it in HD. We hope you can enjoy the dancing and the interviews without that video quality. We’ll try to fix and re-upload later.

NBB Headed to Austin

Screen Shot 2013-05-07 at 12.14.34 PM

New Balance Boston Athletes to Represent Boston at Red Sock Relays

Screen Shot 2013-05-07 at 12.14.47 PM(Austin, TX) -­ Sarah Crispin and Dan Kramer from New Balance Boston are the latest athletes to confirm their participation in the Austin Track Club’s Red Sock Relays, being held in Austin, TX on May 11. Crispin, a two-­time All-­American in the 800 meters and distance medley relay at Tufts University, has been with New Balance Boston since 2007. Kramer attended McGill University in Montreal, where he earned all-­Quebec honors in cross country and several conference championships in the indoor 1500 meters. After graduating McGill, Kramer ran with Montreal Endurance (now McGill Olympic) before returning home to the Boston-­area and joining New Balance Boston.

Crispin’s participation adds an extra level of significance to the Relays through the event’s beneficiary, the GiveForward fund established on behalf of Patrick Downes and Jessica Kensky. Downes and Kensky were severely wounded in the Boston Marathon attacks. Downes and Crispin were co-­workers at The Giffords School, and when she learned about their injuries, Crispin wrote a blog for the running website Level Renner asking for donations for her friends. “That was how Sarah first came to our attention,” says Austin Track Club director George Perry. “We were looking for a beneficiary that would allow us to make a direct, personal impact on someone who survived the attack. At the same time, Sarah was reaching out to the community she knows best. Once we were put in contact with her, it didn’t take much convincing to get her to sign up.”

Crispin and Kramer join Matt Duffy of the Northern California-­based Asics Aggies and the Austin Track Club’s roster as the elite athlete contingent at the Relays. These athletes will be available to any mile relay team looking for an extra burst of speed to get under the 4:15 time that earns a donation on the team’s behalf. An elite mile race will cap off the Relays’ festivities, which include a series of 200-­meter sprints, all-­comers mile relays and individual miles, and a social media scavenger hunt powered by MapMyFitness.

Registration for the Red Sock Relays will cost $10. For more information, please visit www.redsockrelays.com.

The Austin Track Club, L3C, a low-­profit limited liability company, is a professional track and field team with the mission to train, develop and support aspiring Olympic athletes. Since its inception the club has coached numerous athletes to compete in national and international competitions, most notably 2012 Olympic silver medalist Leo Manzano.

Champagne Top American in Jamaica

Mary Kate Champagne made the most of her first time racing for Team USA. The New Balance Boston runner finished 4th and was the top American in the women’s NACAC race. Mary Kate ran 21:48 for 6k, just 41 seconds back of winner Natasha Fraser (Canada). The US women finished second to Canada.

Picture courtesy of Michael Scott.

1.) On the surface this looks like a huge success. What are your thoughts on the race?

I was satisfied with my race. I was not sure what to expect going into it because I hadn’t raced since Club Nationals and had been sick twice with amazing training in between both illnesses. It might be better that I had foggy expectations because I did not over-think anything. I was just ecstatic to have made a US team for the first time.

2.) What were the conditions like? Was it tough to race in the heat coming from a northeast winter?

The NACAC XC Championship just so happened to coincide with the most brutal week of winter so far (and hopefully it’s uncontested as the most brutal week for the rest of winter). We had an 80-90 degree increase in temperature, but had four days to acclimate. It was tough, but I was extremely grateful to escape the Northeast.

The course was very challenging, not so much in terms of hills but in terms of the terrain: I never felt like I could get into a comfortable rhythm. It was very windy, undulating, and uneven. Also, there was reggae music playing the entire time. That was extremely difficult to endure.

3.) Do you think you were better prepared for this race compared to XC Nationals?

I definitely had an off day at XC Nationals. It was the first off day I had had in a long time and it shook me up a little.

4.) Any special challenge to extending your XC season so long?

I haven’t really been training for XC much-there’s not much in terms of soft surfaces in Providence. I didn’t find out I was doing this race until about a week and a half before we left, so I was planning on doing the BU Terrier Invite. I’ve been working out on the indoor track once or twice a week, but I think I’m just naturally better suited for XC; I’m more gritty than I am quick.

5.) Are the XC races in Ireland next or is there something for you in between?

I plan on doing the 3k at the BU Valentine Invitational before I leave for Ireland just to see where I’m at a little more objectively-you can’t really hide anything when it comes to track.

In the men’s race, Team USA followed up their Bupa success with another win. Two of the first four spots went to the Forys family and it was the younger Craig earning the win with Matt close behind in 4th. Full results and a ridiculously tiny write up of four international championship races can be found on the USATF website. Thanks to Michael Scott for the amazing pictures. Find more of his great work here on his Shutterfly page.

GBTC Invite/Level Renner 3k

Whoa, this one almost got away from us. We know the anticipation must be killing you so we decided to work a little later tonight to finally bring you our coverage of the first ever Level Renner 3k. We teased the coverage and results back on Monday (not very subtly either) with the plan being to put full coverage on Tuesday but we ended up having some technical difficulties.

Enough of the intro, we can finally formally congratulate Dan Kramer of New Balance Boston for winning this prestigious event. Dan hung back early and then made his decisive move later in the race. Final time: 8:32.47. Here’s what he had to say:

For his efforts he won himself a coveted Level t-shirt and a pair of GoRun 2′s courtesy of Skechers. Not too shabby.

Other notable performances:

Karina Johnson (NBB) won the women’s 3k in 10:29.49
Eric Ashe (BAA) in the men’s mile in 4:09.48
Joanna Murphy (NBB) in the women’s mile 4:53.08

Sean Duncan DNF’d in the mile. He can’t even finish a mile?! In reality Duncan made the trip out to Boston to be the rabbit for the Squires Mile. He helped pull Ashe to his winning time. Find the rest of the results here.

It was fun to be a part of this prestigious event and we also need to thank Skechers for yet again providing a sweet prize to a hard-working member of Level Legion.

Level Renner 3k Champion

And the first ever Level Renner 3k Champion is…this guy!

The blurriness of this ghettotastic pic off of our underground equipment adds an element of mystery to it. So who is it? He pulled away from the seeded heat late in the race and won easily (official results not up as of this posting). For his efforts he won himself a Level t-shirt and a pair of Skechers GoRun 2′s.

If only there were cheetahs around here to race.

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