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Moulton’s Overcome Adversity, Take the Cape

By Jim Dandeneau

On 10/27/2013, Pat and Katie Moulton of Providence won the men’s and women’s titles in the 36th running of the Cape Cod Marathon. Pat, 31, a Providence College graduate, running in his first Cape race, took the lead just after the 18 mile mark from Kyle Sousa, 27, to claim the title in 2:35:59. Katie, 30, also a Providence College graduate, running in just her second marathon, finished in 2:55:48.

For the two of them, who recently celebrated their first wedding anniversary, victory did not come easy. On June 9, while warming down after finishing 2nd overall in New Bedford’s “Day of Portugal” 5K road race, Pat tripped on a sidewalk and fell on his side. Shortly thereafter, he became dizzy and fainted. He was taken by ambulance to the hospital and diagnosed with a lacerated spleen along with a fractured rib.

Moulton_Patrick1-Providence11After spending three days in-patient he was released. However, Pat was warned by his treating physician of the potential for internal bleeding. Unable to run for eight weeks, it was a difficult time for the manager of Providence’s Rhode Runner retail running store. Upon resuming training in August, he gradually built his mileage up but noticed frequent side stitches, rarely felt prior to the accident. It was something he encountered in last Sunday’s 26.2 event which, despite taking the lead hindered him in the last 6 miles or so of the Cape event.

The owner of a 2:15:35 (Austin 2006) in his first completed marathon stated “I really did not have time to fully prepare for this race. I only did a few long runs and a few tempo runs. I figured I would try to be competitive and see how I felt. I only decided to enter after running the September 29th Providence Rock and Roll Half Marathon. I’ve run the Hartford Marathon the last several years however I thought it was still too early. I needed those additional weeks.”

[Editor's note: Pat ran a 1:11:03 and came in second at the aforementioned Providence half marathon.]

After hitting halfway in 1:15:08 Moulton found himself down 30 seconds to Souza. “I was not sure who he was or if he had ever run a marathon before. I knew there was a long way to go, the last several miles of the course are hilly.” Despite slowing, Moulton was able to cruise to victory, winning by 4:33 over the second place finisher, Jean-Pierre Allera, 24, of South Park, PA, who believe it or not, had won the Cape Cod 1/2 marathon the day prior, and in record time.

While Pat, a Pelham, NH native, states his 2014 goals are “to build a strong base again and get back into the low 2:20’s” he remains uncommitted on whether to make an attack on the challenging 2:19 “B” standard barrier. “I really love to run, however I really need to be cautious after what happened. I’d love to get back to doing what I was doing a few years ago.”

For Katie, (nee Twarog) an Albany, NY native, the Cape course posed its own challenge. Primarily a 5K-10K specialist, the winner of the 2013 Cox Marathon developed four severely bruised toenails. “The course really took a toll on me; the second half was really hilly…it was another learning experience. I’m sure I’ll figure it (the marathon) out”. Having ramped up her training from a typical 40-50 miles a week to “4-6 weeks of 70 plus miles” the smooth striding running coach/personal trainer felt she didn’t get the taper just right. “I probably should have backed off of my training leading into the race a bit more. These first few marathons are all about gaining experience.”

The self-coached Moulton will take some time and then decide her plans for the possibility of a Spring Marathon: ”The 2016 Olympic Trials Marathon B standard (2:43:00 or under) is definitely something I’ll be striving for.”

With amazing tenacity and passion for the sport of running, expect the Moultons, after healing, to be a force on the marathon scene.

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