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Nov/Dec 2013 : Issue 17

We have a first. It took us 17 issues but we have it. A special section. That’s right; for the first time in our short history we have a handful of articles devoted to a single topic…Recovery. Our authors set you straight on all aspects of this oft neglected component to our training. Covering both the physical and mental sides of the spectrum, The Level will leave you better informed and better prepared for your next mesocycle. We got lots of other cool stuff too. Just check out the Table of Contents below. Enjoy your copy of the hippest, free-est underground running mag in the entire universe! And tell your friends to subscribe too.

As always, the digital copy is free, but if you would like to purchase a hard copy you may do so via the hp MagCloud site.

November/December 2013

Issue 17

Table of Contents

issue xvii

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The Warm-up
• Editor’s Note
Level Communications
• Electronic Epistles
• 4 Foods Worth Eating by Kathy Ireland

Our Special Recovery Section

• The Importance of Recovery by Kristin Barry
• Mental Recovery by Kevin Balance
Legion Profiles
• Brendon O’Leary
Lane 4: Commentary
• The Irish Tom Hurley Award by Paul Clerici
• Tattoo You by Joe Navas
• Your One True Plan by Ray Charbonneau
• Survey & Music
The Cooldown
• Learn the Legion


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