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USATF Masters 10k Championships: James Joyce Ramble

Kevin Collins crosses the line, victory in hand. Courtesy of Scott Mason.

Kevin Collins crosses the line, victory in hand. Courtesy of Scott Mason.

The ever popular James Joyce Ramble (Dedham, MA) played the dual role of the USATF Masters 10k Championship for 2013. In the process it became a nesting doll of a race, as the age-graded scoring added another layer to the masters competition, which is normally a race within the race by itself.

The masters field had its own start (supposedly 3 mins ahead of the open field, but possibly a little longer), and Kevin Collins took full advantage of that as he rolled in alone in 32:48. Kent Lemme was next in 33:08, and then the runners started coming in a little more frequently. Chris Magill, Greg Picklesimer, Mark Hixson and Joe Navas all came in between 33:27 and 33:55.

For the women, Kara Haas was first in at 37:51, followed by Mimi Fallon (38:12)and Holly Madden (40:36). But there was some age-grading to consider here. Taking the age grading into consideration, and the super computers say that the top three overall runners were ladies, led by Jan Holmquist of Liberty AC. At 68 years old she ran a 46:06, which gave her a grade of 95.87%.

For the men, the top age-graded result was Brian Pilcher (56) from Ross, CA, who ran the 10k in 34:36. Between the open and masters races, plus the various age group champions and age-graded results, it’s best to look at the full results.

Speaking of the open race, Amos Sang’s only problem was running out of real estate. Had the race been a little longer then he just might’ve been the first to cross the line. Amos cruised along at 4:44 pace, perhaps inspired by the various readings along the way, and ran a smoking 29:25. Brian Harvey ran a quick 31:03, but that wasn’t enough to challenge Sang on the day.

The open female race was a little closer, but still not exactly close. Chemtai Rionotukei ran a 33:44 and had a comfortable cushion over second place Heather Cappello (34:039).

As always, check out Scott Mason’s site for more amazing shots from the race. Speaking of pictures, did you know Level Renner is now on Instagram? Follow us there for some Lo-Fi On The Level.

Joy Will Talks London, Ramble

Joy Will (GBTC) ran the London Marathon back on April 21st, and there she was just seven short days later racing again. That’s a tight turn around, especially with an international flight thrown in the middle of it. In London, Joy ran a 3:41. Despite the limited rest she still ran a 46:22 in Dedham, which placed her well within the top 300 out of field of close to 2,000 open runners.

Here’s an interview with Joy after the James Joyce Ramble:

More Ramble coverage on the way…

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Ramble: Coming Soon

Much like the patient people in the pic above, we know you’re awaiting coverage of the James Joyce Ramble. Keep checking back, we’ll have it for you soon! In the mean time be sure to download the latest issue of the magazine.

For now, check out our Instagram account and Twitter feed for some pics and short Vine videos from the start and finish of today’s race. RambleOnTheLevel.

Rant & Rave


Thank you WBZ for lowering the bar so very much with this enlightening gem of a news report: Runners Already Preparing for Boston Marathon. You guys set the bar so very very low with this gripping piece that it just made our job that much easier.

Come on, man!

People are “ambitious” for training six weeks ahead of the marathon? I don’t know about that. It sounds like they’re in danger of over-training. Slow down, guys, you don’t want to embarrass the competition too much. Don’t they know that we let the Kenyans and Ethiopians win just because we’re good hosts? It’s the polite thing to do.

If that’s ambitious then I don’t know what the meaning of that word is anymore. The only good thing to come from it has been the comments posted both on the article site and on Facebook, one of which was questioning whether or not the posting was an Onion article.


It’s official: 3-D print technology is here and in use on the track! Jack Bolas just became the first pro to run a race using shoes printed with that tech. The article is short but very interesting.

Did you see?

They grow up so fast. Victoria Barnaby, who has been featured on Level a few times now, is already getting opportunities elsewhere. Here she is


Reminder: our Holyoke St. Patty’s Day race contest is still open. Winner will be selected this Friday. All you have to do is like a couple of Facebook pages for a chance to win entry to a great race?! Why not?

Congrats to the James Joyce Ramble on being selected to host the 2013 American Masters 10K Championship this April! That should be a very competitive race (and fun to watch).

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