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July/August 2014 : Issue 21

Run on the ground. Welcome to the July/August issue of the underground. Lots of great stuff in this issue with articles on all things running: performance, nutrition, health, gadgets, and, of course, athletes. As always, the digital copy of the magazine is free, but if you would like to purchase a hard copy you may do so via the hp MagCloud site.  In either medium, get reading! And tell your running buddies to do the same!

July/August 2014

Issue 21

Table of Contents

issue XXI

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Starting Blocks
LVL Singlet Gallery
The Warm-up
Editor’s Note
Level Communications
Electronic Epistles
Lane 1: Performance
Alternation Workouts by Kristin Barry
Lane 2: Body Shop
Running Shoe Fundamentals by Ian Nurse
Lane 3: Nutrition
Cold Oatmeal by Carly Bergenholtz
Lane 4: Mechanics
GPS Watch by Rich Stiller
Legion Profiles
David Goodman
Leslie Beckwith
Denise Sandahl
Peter Hammer
Esther Erb
Club Spotlight
GMAA by Bob Sayers
Lane 4: Commentary
Pendulum by Muddy
You’re Gonna Go by Joe Navas
Lane 6: Fiction
Church of the Holy Oval by Ray Charbonneau
The Cooldown
Learn the Legion

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