LVL Singlets?

The Level braintrust is thinking about procuring some racing singlets for the 2014 season.  This is a bit of an investment, so we are wondering if you, The Legion, have any interest in donning one when you lace them up for your favorite races.  Please share you opinion by responding to our poll question:

Would you race in a Level Renner singlet?

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We don’t have a final mock-up of the singlet yet, but here is a rough idea:

level legion 430x200 12.27.13

the front of the tank top

lvl with website 12.27.13

the back of the tank top

We are thinking that the primary color of the singlet will be kelly green with yellow lettering but nothing is set in stone just yet.  In fact, we would love your feedback.  If you have any ideas or suggestions, leave us a comment. And yes, the singlets will be made from state of the art technical materials.

2 comments on “LVL Singlets?

  1. Rob Leduc says:

    I’m in for sure! Great idea!

  2. Anne Hird says:

    I like the red & blues on fb image. Also, quality makes a big difference-will wear if it is really a wicking tech fabric. Asics and EMS both have good club rates on high quality shirts. EMS (have to contact group sales in NH) has best wicking fabric; just tough to get same color beyond a single season.

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