October 2012 : Issue 10

Welcome to the October 2012 Issue. We got you covered on everything you need from nutrition to body maintenance to performance.

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Table of Contents

  • Editor’s Note & Letters
  • Lane 1: Performance
    Uphill Strides, Negative Splits w/ Slattery
  • Lane 2: Body Shop
    Scar Tissue
  • Lane 3: Nutrition
  • Club Spotlight
    Albany Running Exchange
  • Level Profiles
    McBride, Donovan, Lutz, Lane
  • London Olympics 2012
    Fraioli, Sanca
  • Level Featured Event
    CVS Downtown 5k
  • Lane 4: Commentary
    Crosswalks, Biking, Proselytizing
  • Bits: Quads & Columns
    survey, music, miscellaneous stuff
  • HSR
    GPS #8 Update
  • Back Page
    Learn the Legion

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