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Eddy Picks Up Another Frodo

Frodo, The Running Heisman, The Precious…wait, can we use two Lord of the Rings references? Sure, why not. The award bears a striking resemblance to some type of hobbit or elf-like creature, with a pillar of fire running from the base to the knee serving as the support to hold the runner up in mid-stride. I remember when I first laid eyes on it at my Acushnet debut and thought ‘that’s something’. I was a deep thinker back then. A few years later, my name was called and when I walked back to my teammates, trophy in hand, Scott Anderson said not-so-softly ‘leave it in the latrine’. That was awesome because a.) it was unexpected, b.) the Scottish accent made it that much better and c.) who says ‘latrine’ anymore? Come to find out that’s what he says about all race awards.

Alas, I would be baggin’ no additional Frodo this year, as Jason Eddy was the one who was adding to his collection. In a race that featured five past champions, Jay was the champion of the champions and earned his third Acushnet win. Eddy covered the 4.1 mile course in 21:27, which is only about five seconds off of his PR. That PR was from a decade ago now, back before he took a break to get his CPA license and start a family. Coming so close to it now is a good sign that is he well on his way back to being in the top form he was in the early post-collegiate days.

Of the race, Jay said ”I was happy considering the humidity and the weather, I was really happy with the race today overall.” If you read between the lines there you can clearly see that he was happy with his race. As he should be too. The air was disappointingly hot and thick, just a terrible surprise after a relatively mild August. It didn’t stop him from going out hard. Eddy ran a 4:52 for the first mile and opened up a good lead. Knowing he wanted to push the second half of the race, the second mile was a little slower (5:16) before ramping things back up with a 5:02 third mile. Feeling no pressure from behind, he cruised it in over the last mile without going to the well.

Also fighting through the unpleasant mugginess was Joe Navas and Steve Dowsett, both of the winning Whirlaway team. Joe is another former champion here. With only two titles to his name now he’ll need to pick up a win next year to keep up with Eddy. Dowsett once again fell victim to the curse of Navas’ back side. Joe’s derrier is a lot like Medusa’s head. One glance upon it in a race and your legs turn to stone. Or at least you just won’t be able to beat him. Steve found himself looking at Joe’s posterior about a mile into the race and that was it. Good night. Two years in a row.

For the women, it was all about redemption. Anne Preisig, running for Team Redemption, finally got the win that eluded her last year. Anne finished 12th overall and ran a 26:10 in securing the victory. Anne was a scant five seconds ahead of runner up Patricia Carreiro. Although Anne never turned to look back, she could constantly feel the pressure from somewhere behind her and as a result had to keep a pedal to the metal.

Below is our interview with the winners and some race highlights. Jay shows off his new hardware, while Navas and Dowsett try to steer clear of the parasitic wasps that seemed to be drawn to the interview area. It was quite exciting.

You can get full results here, and as always Bob Hanna had a good write up on the South Coast Today site.

Coast to Coast Battle

You may have heard by now about a certain cross country race that took place in Franklin Park on Friday. The Boston College women’s cross country team hosted some of the top teams in the country with their Coast to Coast Battle in Beantown. You can get the full results to it here and if you want to see the rest of our coverage on it, including interviews with some of the top local runners (and a certain coach with local ties named Andy Powell), you can just click here.

If you want to see some great pics from the races, be sure to check out Scott Mason Photo. Credit for the feature image on the site today goes to Scott once again.

Wrapping up our coverage, we have our complete raw footage of the women’s race from various points out on the course:

And lastly we have the same from the men’s race:

Nahant 30k Recap & Raw Footage

The Nahant 30k is in the books and we have the race footage to prove it. It’s raw footage, but it gets the job done. We interviewed the winners yesterday and already posted that, but you can find said interviews with Dan Vassallo and Cheryl Cleary here.

For the men, Dan Vassallo led CMS to victory in the open division. Chris Magill and the BAA took the masters division, but Magill wasn’t the fastest masters runner on the day. That honor belonged to Jason Porter of…you guessed it…CMS. The Whirlaway seniors won their division by topping Greater Lowell by a 23 minute margin.

Over on the ladies’ side, Kasie Enman and the BAA topped the SISU squad in the open division while Whirlaway captured the masters and senior divisions. The top masters runner on the day was Christin Doneski, a member of that Whirlaway masters machine.

Sorry kids, no time to go into detail like who ran what time, but you can find the full results here. And while you’re looking for stuff on the race, be sure to check out Krissy Kozlosky’s pics from yesterday. The featured image attached to this post on our main page today is hers, and you’ll be able to see that and much more once you click that link.

As promised, here’s the raw footage from the race:

Lone Gull 10k: Duncan Finds His Rhythm

Sean Duncan (WMDP) and Olympian Steph Reilly continued to tear up the USATF-NE Grand Prix series with their wins at the Lone Gull 10k on Sunday in Gloucester. Both runners shot out to the lead early and held it, but ran a little conservatively and weren’t quite sure of what to expect in terms of competition.

Sean knew there were runners in the field that were capable of giving him a run for his money, especially with Nate Jenkins lurking somewhere out of sight. When he felt a presence coming up on him later on, there was some surprise to see that it wasn’t Jenkins but instead newcomer Nick Karwoski (Whirlaway). Nick surprised a few people that day, including many Whirlaway teammates who didn’t see a welcome email but were shocked to see an unknown giant in a Whirlaway singlet chasing down Duncan at the end of the race. The element of surprise wasn’t enough and Nick wasn’t able to reel in Sean. Sean’s 30:50 was good enough for a seven second cushion, and added even more points to his series total.

With only two series races left (30k & marathon), Sean appears to be in command. In fact, coupled with his win the prior week at the WMDP XC Festival, he now leads in two series (road and xc). It appears that 2013 is Duncan’s year. It’s not over yet and it may be premature to celebrate, but I think it’s okay to start the celebratory dancing. Just a little bit. Maybe for 16 seconds or so.

Steph Reilly also has a commanding lead in the grand prix standings and further asserted her dominance on Sunday. Reilly cruised through the streets of Gloucester and comfortably ran a 34:58. Her next closest competitor was Jess Minty of New Balance Boston, who ran a 36:27. Steph is more focused on coaching her Bryant University team right now and is just trying to get through this phase unscathed. You wouldn’t know it from the way she’s racing.

Binney Mitchell (GMAA) and Christen Doneski (Whirlaway) were the top masters. As far as teams go, Central Mass Striders took the titles in both men’s open and masters. Having Jenkins and Dan Vassallo finish 3-4 is a great way to start the day. The New Balance Boston women claimed the open team title, while Whirlaway was able to score the masters team title.

For more on this event, check out:

Race pics by Ted Tyler
Race pics by Krissy Kozlosky (featured image on the main page is hers)
Full results

*Sorry for the video quality. For some reason YouTube isn’t uploading it in HD. We hope you can enjoy the dancing and the interviews without that video quality. We’ll try to fix and re-upload later.

Nassaney Races: Northeastern, UConn Win

The Shawn M. Nassaney Memorial Cross Country Races were held at Bryant University back on September 7th. We were there doing our usual coverage, but it’s taken a while to get it up on the site. We were reminded of this a week later when Zach Krause (a Northeastern runner) asked us about it. We know Zach, we know…#SlackingOnTheLevel. Better late than never, right?

The aforementioned Zach was part of the winning men’s team as Northeastern place four in the top five to beat out Boston University by a 23 to 65 margin. Leading the charge for Northeastern was Wesley Gallagher, who ran a 15:21 for the 5k cross country course. Full results for the men’s race can be found here.

Next was the collegiate women’s race. Brianna Castrogivanni of Sacred Heart won it with her 17:53.5. It wasn’t enough to carry the day as Brianna’s Sacred Heart team finished fifth. Right behind Brianna was Emily Durgin of UConn (17:56.7), and she led the Huskies to the team victory. UConn bested Quinnipiac by a score of 46 to 85 (full results here).

In the alumni/open race, Bryant legend Jason Eddy (2002) won it (and defended the honor of his institution) with a 16:29. Way to go, Jason. The comeback continues for Mr. Eddy. Maggie Mae, the penultimate alumni team (named after a Pie Tasters song that Shawn Nassaney made a staple of post-meet parties), had a strong showing but ultimately lost the team title to the Navy squad. We think. It’s only rumored thus far. See for yourself here.

As you could tell by the shocked silence in the interview, it was a bit of a surprise to hear that Eric Jenkins had taken his talents to Oregon. While it hurts to lose a runner like that from the area, it’s also cool to see someone of that caliber go to run for a storied program such as Oregon. I felt like I was really behind on my news when they told me that, but in talking to others about it since then I can see that I wasn’t the only one who had no idea. Jenkins will be coming back to Boston with his new team on Friday September 27th for the Boston College Invitational at Franklin Park. We cleared our schedules for that and are looking forward to it.

This was the 13th annual race, benefiting the Shawn M. Nassaney memorial fund. Starting in 2012 collegiate races were added. Shawn graduated from Bryant back in 1998, where he was a two time recipient of the team’s Bulldog Award, which was given to the individual who best personified just what it meant to be a Bulldog. To learn more about Shawn, the race and the fund that it all supports, please visit the fund website

Chelanga Right At Home in NH

Sam Chelanga looked pretty solid on Saturday as he cruised to a 23:54.3 8k in winning the Dartmouth Invitational. Sam did not count in the scoring though. Will Geoghegan (Dartmouth) was the top collegiate runner and crossed the line merely seconds behind Chelanga. Will led the Dartmouth boys to a second place showing with his 23:57.6. The top team on the day was Syracuse, but it was pretty close. The top fourteen runners (not counting Chelanga) all hailed from either Syracuse or Dartmouth. Syracuse placed their top six in the first nine and edged out Dartmouth by 10 points (24 to 34).

Sam moved out to the Hanover, NH area on August first, citing family as the reason for the move. The Chelanga’s knew they wanted to head back east, but where exactly was up in the air. Sam’s buddy Ben True helped persuade him to come train with Ben and Mark Coogan. For now it was just a geographical move. As of this interview, Sam was still a member of the Oregon Track Club. In the interview below, Sam opens up a little more about the race, the move, training and whether or not he’s ready for a New England winter:

Trail Climbs Sharply

Guest blog by Ian MacLellan

I am a runner myself and ran a number of the USATF-NE Mountain Running races three years ago. Hill sprints were always my greatest skill in high school cross-country, and my mom will tell you that I always liked taking the sketchy ways up and down mountains, so mountain running was a good fit for me. I’m also a proud New Englander and wanted to give back to the local running scene in any way that I could.

Mountain running is a very hard sport for spectators to watch and engage with. It doesn’t happen in an arena, so spectators must climb up the mountain themselves just to catch the runners a handful of times. Fans must combine those brief glimpses with finishing times to learn about what happened in a race.

After my own races, I always want to tell people about everything that happened during the race (mostly how I really wanted to drop out, but didn’t), but people think about times, not stories. I’m fascinated by running literature, because there is so much drama that a final finishing time and a race photo don’t say anything about. Writers can cram this drama into the retelling of a 400-meter race, and I wanted to try and make a documentary film that did the same. I wanted to share those little moments to show what drives the elite mountain runners up those hills (hint, it’s not money) and what is stopping them from succeeding.

I also made a very short film on my dad finishing the 2013 Boston Marathon and hope to make more running features in the future.

Keep checking his website MacLellan Images and follow Ian on Twitter.

Level Renner 10k – Interviews

mcgrane lr10k mason

Courtesy of Scott Mason Photo.

It took a few days to get these videos together, but there seems to be a whole lot more pressure doing them when they are for your own race. We’ve come a long way since we shook the world by posting our first videos back in February of 2012.

With talent like Ruben Sança and Glarius Rop in the field, we knew there was potential there for a couple of fast times. I just don’t think we imagined that they’d run this fast. Incredible.

We were equally excited about the ladies that signed on for the first event. Kyle Feldman was still working her way back into top form after battling an injury, and Lindsay Willard bypassed some much needed rest from her busy racing schedule (while also overcoming an injury) to come duke it out in Brockton:

Lastly, we have Rat Royalty. Peter Wallan is/was the editor and publisher of the glorious Hockomock Swamp Rat.  We actually started up Level Renner to help fill the void left when Wallan retired from publishing his journal.  Here’s what he has to say:

For a full write up of the event,  you’ll have to wait for the next issue of the Level Renner magazine. It’ll hit your inboxes within a matter of days, so make sure you’re on our subscription list so that you get it while it’s fresh (and are eligible for this month’s gear giveaway). And be sure to check out the website for Scott Mason Photo and Krissy Kozlosky; they both continue to contribute high quality work to the Level. They support us, so please consider supporting them.

Courtesy of Krissy Kozlosky

Courtesy of Krissy Kozlosky

Firefighter 5 Mile: Rich, Manfred Victorious

We went old school for this race coverage. Well, maybe old school isn’t the right way to put it. We didn’t have our usual camera equipment so we went back to our roots and got it done with the iPhone. Before the race went off, we spotted Pat Rich in the registration area and thought we’d get ahead in the game by doing a quick Instagram video of him with a pre-race prediction. Well, the cell phone service out there is pretty abysmal and the video clip went out into the ether, never to be seen again. We tried.

Technical difficulties aside, Pat Rich cruised to victory in 26:24. Matthew Manfred finished 2nd in 28:36, but the loss shouldn’t have stung too much for the coach from Altoona, PA; his wife Heidi was the top woman and only two spots behind him. For their efforts, they both got to cash in on some gear over at the New England Running Company in Beverly, MA. The husband and wife duo both coach cross country at Penn State Altoona, and were in town visiting family and hoping to run Falmouth. Falmouth’s loss was Hamilton’s gain.

firefighter 5 mile

Kaitlyn (L) and Lindsay (R) Domoracki bask in the glow of their triumphs.

The top firefighter on the day was Kevin Phipps of Lynn, and his Lynn Fire Department team upset the Hamilton team on their home course. Big road victory for Lynn! Kevin ran a 36:10 for the 5 mile course.

Run 4 Kerri: InterviewsOnTheLevel

It’s hard to figure out how to fit all the good stuff into short enough clips for your web digestion. Every now and then, an event presents us with enough “extra” material to produce some additional features.

Here we have Matt Pelletier uncut and on camera after the Run 4 Kerri. It’s always a good interview with Matty P and it felt criminal to leave out most of this in the more official race coverage video. Plus it was a good way to tease an upcoming video/blog post. ‘About what?’, you may be asking. You’ll have to watch to find out.

Next, class is in session as Jason Bui, Diana Davis and Lindsay Willard come to the Level Renner classroom for post race detention. All three of them came into the race on tired legs and all three ran quite well. One of them may have stealthily swiped $50 from an Olympian at a mile marker. Check it out:

We had a blast working with Scott Bessette and Co at the Run 4 Kerri this year. Be sure to add this race to your calendar for 2014! We’ll save a seat in the classroom for you.


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