VCM Preview: Bard & Nedlo

We continue our lightning round of Vermont City Marathon elite runner previews with Sarah Bard and Meagan Nedlo. We basically just asked one simple question to many of the elites: Are You Ready? They had free reign to answer in any way they saw fit. We thought it appropriate to lump them together since they carpooled up to the race.

Sarah Bard

Writing this from the car up to Burlington with my husband John and Meagan Nedlo.  To answer your question, ‘am I ready?’ I would say, ‘Yes’.

I’ve had a hilarious (and distracting) week. I was in two bike accidents in the past week, had a lot of crazy stuff going on at work, and then yesterday on my way home – a bird pooped on me. I’ve heard that’s good luck – not sure if that’s just a consolation superstition, but I’m gonna go with it.

After pulling out of Boston at mile 16.5 a month ago, I spent a few days regrouping and preparing for another 5 weeks of training. Luckily, Meagan, who I had trained with through most of the winter, was running VCM, so I had some excellent company for the last few weeks of mileage and workouts. I was a bit under the weather going in to Boston, and feel much better going into VCM. We’re leaving on our honeymoon in 2 weeks, so no third chances. But I don’t think I’d need it. I’m ready.  And if you’re wondering – Meagan is too – I know because she’s been kicking my butt in workouts since January.

Meagan Nedlo

Thanks for giving me the opportunity to chime in before the race this weekend! I think I’m as ready as anyone can ever truly be going into a marathon. My training the past few months has been solid, if unremarkable, and while I don’t believe I’m in PR shape just yet I do believe the OTQ standard is well within reach.

I think the weather might be a little warmer than I’d prefer, but I’ve intentionally not allowed myself to dwell on it or analyze it too much because there’s nothing I can do about it now. (When soliciting advice for racing in warmer conditions from two of the marathoners I most highly respect, my coach/boyfriend Jordan Kinley and my good friend Kim Smith, both simply said “Run faster and you’ll be finished before it gets too hot.” Well okie dokie.)

I’m excited that one of my main training partners, Sarah Bard, is joining me in Burlington as well-she dropped out of Boston due to alleged “quad cramping” but I think she secretly just didn’t want to miss out on the fun of training with me for another five weeks. Between the two of us, a few other women and my friend Aaron Linz from Charlotte, we should have a solid pack clipping off the miles with a low-2:40 goal in mind.

To be clear: I want to win. But honestly, I would be thrilled to finish in 20th place as long as I was able to achieve the OTQ in the process. And if Sarah and I both get the standard, then mimosas on me at brunch!

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